What is this anyway....

Here we go again…

  • I'll bring a pa.
  • A more focused songlist than last time, with core songs and non-core songs.
  • Tunes with harmony parts are good.
  • I have a mandolin, and could manage a simple song in G or C, but I'll probably use an electric for most of the time.
  • How many of the 2007 songs do we want to revisit?
  • Jeff has suggested a drummer. What are our thoughts on this momentous development?

There are at least 9 beds at Torquay, so please consider staying.

The songs we play will be suggested and chosen by us.

If you can't or won't sing, you'll have to negotiate with a singer - choose the key etc.

Geek Stuff

You'll have to register with wikidot.com, then you can become a member of this wiki, which will let you comment, edit, upload etc.

There's a page called…Songs 2008, where I'm putting…songs. Make comments on the forum, because that's what it's for. (Actually, there's no forum because Jeff deleted it. He is now not an administrator. ) Like if you think a song stinks and you don't want to play it, say so.

About uploading files. First, go to the page where you want the file to 'live'. Click the 'Files' button at the bottom RHS, choose upload, follow instructions.
Once you've uploaded a file, you can directly refer to it on the page. Click the Edit button (again, lower RHS), and you'll see how it works. You can also move a file to another page, rename it etc- Click Files, Options.

The video pages are there because some of the stuff is good, but they're not song suggestions. Same with the random photos page.


There are rules. These were developed unilaterally, and are binding.

  • Anyone who says "How do you Frank Ifield" will be made to go to the surf shops.
  • No dickheads
  • No jazz
  • No Bob Dylan songs unless I say so. Unless you want to do I Shall be Released
  • Neil Young songs will only be allowed if we can do Rockin' in the Free World as well.
  • No drumkits. Ever.?????????? Is this still current?
  • The bass is allowed to use an amp. A lap steel could use an amp too.
  • All Gentleman Players will need an Understanding Companion, who will be available to pour drinks and make beds if a Frank Ifield situation develops.
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